Art Works


Vicente, Projecto Travessa da Ermida, Lisbon, Portugal

Curator: Mário Caeiro
Collaboration with Rory Middleton and Jakub Hybler.

This piece is inspired by Franc Kafkaś Metamorphosis and explore the existing dialogue between Lisbon and Prague.

Crows symbolizing intelligent guards and metamorphosis: the transformation of life form into another, the imprisonment between the life form anf the art form.

Artist reverses the colorful ornamental tradition and creates two black abstract shapes drawn as a silant epiphany creating a contrast to the usual color of Festas Populares in Lisbon.



Sculpture is made out of two monumental complementary shapes, hanging from Tyvek strips (black on one side, white on the other).The intention is to create game of shadows on the street which mutate during day and night.

The light component flow from two red lights, which react exactly like two hands of a pianist, to the rhythm of a composition Metamorphosis (Philip Glass), which will never be heard.

The silent music enigma of metamorphosis, works by creating an intriguing guestion in the minds of the audience.



Drawings and studies for Metamophosis/Catalogue Vicente: