The 'New Dawn' is intended to represent a new chapter in Clydebank's future. The representation of grass implies growth and prosperity whilst its monumental size reminds us of the great ships once produced along the Clyde.
Each blade of grass is designed to pivot at its base allowing the grasses to gently sway in the wind.
The movement of the grass is intended to provoke thoughtfulness from the viewer encouraging thoughts of past, present and future.
Each blade of grass will have a 'drop of dew' represented by a ball of toughened glass, At night time the 'dew drops' will light up bringing a new dimension reminiscent of the first rays of the morning sun touching a drop of dew for the very first time.
The lights would be activated as dusk comes and would gradually light up and get dark individually and sporadically providing illumination of the sculpture site.
"Unrealized project”



"Interactive-mobile light sculpture"( high:7m )
Clydebank re-built, 2008